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chicago marathon... >> good evening... >> live at grant park with a preview... >> quiet here at the starting line represented tamara
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>> runners often say the chicago marathon is their favorite marathon. with thousands of screaming fans lining the flat and fast course - runners often finish with some of their the bank of america thousands of volunteers and city workers. "i think this is the best we've been prepared in the history of the event, we have 13k.. this weekend and race day" with all age groups and skill levels well represented, a full medical staff will be ready to respond immediately if someone goes down. "we have a record number of volunteers... il medical response team.. true great effort by the city of chicago" among the 45,000 participants
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tomorrow - 13 members of the achilles freedom team of wounded vets - most of whom lost limbs while fighting in iraq or afghanistan. as part of their rehabilitation, they meet up in cities around the country to compete. "we're all injured around the same time... overcome obstacles together... that's.. push each other along" this afternoon, they were treated to a vip reception at the willis tower sky deck along with many of their friends and family members. team members say they are excited to continue their tradition. "it's really big to me to continue the tradition paving.. we're happy to be in chicago" >> it only took six days for registrations to close for. this for.. that is a new recor this race...
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that is a new record. >> if you park your car in the city be aware of the parking restrictions along the marathon route... they going to affect overnight at 1:00 a.m.. street closures along a route begin at 7:00 a.m.. i expected to be open by 430 tomorrow afternoon >> one man was killed and two teenagers were injured in a shooting this afternoon in the back of the yards neighborhood. the three were shot near a park on south marshfield avenue just before one this afternoon.
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police say after the shooting, one of the victims ran home and called police. a 27-year old man was taken to stroger hospital where he was pronounced dead. a 14 year old boy and a 15-year old were treated for gunshot wounds at area hospitals. they're both in stable condition. no suspects are in custody. >> a man faces a charge of murder in the death of his teenage daughter's mother... they say the couple had been fighting and the daughter called police... >> a former elk grove resident is arrested in oklahoma... on charges he planned to blow up four dozen churches. 23-year old gregory weiler the second was arrested in a
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motel room in ottawa county on thursday, after police found bomb making equipment in a dumpster. police also found a torn up note in his room, with instructions for making the bombs... and a hand-drawn map of 48 local churches. weiler's relatives in illinois say there is a history of mental illness in the family. both his parents committed suicide and his sister remains hospitalized for mental illness. the search is on for more clues in the drowning death of a northwestern university student. evanston police canvassed the area -- knocking on doors -- between two-thousand ridge avenue and wilmette harbor. they believe harsha maddula walked from a party on ridge to the harbor after leaving the gathering on septmeber 22nd. it's a distance of about two miles. several days later, his body was discovered in the harbor. but neighbors say it will be tough to remember anything out of the ordinary that night.
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>> music was loud... people coming in and out... >> police say a friend called him around 1230 that night and he said he was in his room... the tower information shows a already at the harbor... his family insists he would not have committed suicide >> the two men who died in a small plane crash in gary this past week are now identified. the lake county coroner's office says they were 48-year old vincent vaccarello and 45- year old patsy crisafi... both from saint augustine, florida. positive identifications were made with dental records. the cause of the crash has not been determined yet. the victims left an airport in smyrna, tennessee wednesday morning. their plane crashed in a wooded area south of the west gary lighthouse charter school
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shortly after eleven in the morning... and burst into flames. no one on the ground was injured. police in addison are trying to get to the bottom of what led to a lockdown of two schools on friday. school officials put indian trail junior high school and army trail elementary school on lockdown beginning at nine- forty friday morning. police received a report of a female student at indian trail restrained in a bathroom. parents of some thirteen-hundred students waited more than three hours -- as officers combed the buildings. the lockdown ended at about one with no arrests made. the girl-- who was restrained-- was taken to the hospital. authorities say they will have more information on monday. a chicago firehouse pays tribute today to a veteran firefighter-- who died from west nile virus. firefighters hung bunting at engine 1-0-8 this morning in honor of lieutenant thomas (flay'-hive).
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he contracted the west nile virus about two weeks ago in wisconsin. flay-hive died thursday after coming down with flu-like symptoms. his co-workers hung the bunting today because this would have been his first regular work shift since his death. visitation will be tomorrow at cooney funeral home in park ridge. flay-hive's funeral will take place monday. >> the department of streets and sanitation and will have a new commissioner... a 34 year-old veteran of the chicago police department's... he is 64 years old and says he wanted out of a high-pressure job and will stay on to help with the transition >> chicago public school officials will refinance some 100-million dollars in existing
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bonds thus saving 42-million dollars... to help pay for the new teachers contract. the district also plans reductions in lunchroom and purchasing costs... and delaying or cancelling new hires for non-teaching positions. critics warn though... that refinancing bonds could hurt the district in the long run. school officials did not say if school building will be sold... but did say surplus properties are on the real estate market. the new teachers contract... which finally came after a seven day strike... adds 103- million dollars in salary costs for the current fiscal year. an overnight bargaining session in evergreen park ended early this morning without an end to the teachers strike. both sides say progress was made with negotiations on a contract. a federal mediator is helping. district-124 teachers have been on strike since tuesday, closing one junior high and four elementary schools. the teachers want raises of at least 3 percent a year for
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three years. they oppose bonuses based on test scores. the next negotiating session is scheduled for tomorrow morning at ten thirty. >> chicago parks are getting several improvements... the mayor visited the park and talked about the million dollar renovation... a total of $7 million will go to park district projects... >> it is a $7 million investment... the extra resources will be invested in our neighborhood...
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>> the mayor says it this city can expect to see the new boathouses by the end of next summer >>the death toll from the meningitis outbreak climbs again.. up next - the latest on the sickness from a series of tainted steroid injections. plus -- sticker shock at the pump in california ... why gas prices there have hit an all time high - sending drivers in search of alternatives. and a radical islamic cleric arrives in the united states to face terrorism charges. the details coming up after the break.. you will need a blanket tonight.. i will explain why... break
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there are now seven deaths linked to meningitis outbreak believed to be caused by steroid injections. 200 patients in the chicago area may have received the injections. but no one has been reported
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sick here. the seven deaths are nationwide. at least 64 people are sick -- including new cases in minnesota and ohio -- according the the centers for disease control. "a-pac centers for pain management" received the tainted drug. it has nine clinics in illinois -- four in chicago. the steroid injection is used to treat back pain. drivers in california are feeling the high gas prices now being blamed on gas shortages ... at some stations prices are over $5. some stations closed. >> my mouth dropped... it is
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ridiculous >> i am upset >> the national average for gas is about $3.79 a gallon... the chicago averages about $4.90 a gallon.. >> a radical muslim cleric arrived in new york today to face several terrorism charges. "abu hamza al-masri" and four other men left england just hours after a judge ruled they could be extradited to face trial in the u.s. among the charges... kidnappings of westerners and attempting to establish a jihadist training camp in oregon. cristina mutchler reports. >> they're being held at new york metropolitan congressional center in manhattan... >> he was one of the highest
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profile and brin britain... >> his speeches attacking the west gained national attention >> back in london... supporters clashed with police >> i am very disappointed... i thought we lived in a democratic country >> the fbi called the it a major milestone... he could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted
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>> he appeared in court today in new york city. he will be arraigned on tuesday >> hundreds of young immigrants get a helping hand.. up next -- find out how some illinois lawmakers gave them some assistance with the new dream act. plus - another high profile democrat arrives in chicago to raise cash but encounters a crowd of protestors. dog was finally reunited with her owner after a long five year search..
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immigrants to apply for the deferred action program... and avoid deportation. the so-called dream act was approved by the president. >> this is jusit is on our agenda
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and the president of the united states... >> the original estimate of 800,000 people could qualify for temporary legal status under the deferred action program >> u-s house democratic leader nancy pelosi... the former house speaker... was in chicago today to help raise funds for democratic congressional candidates tammy duckworth... brad schneider... bill foster... and several downstate democratic congressional hopefuls. the event was at harry caray's restaurant downtown... where members of afscme... the american federation of state county and municipal employees... demostrated outside and against governor pat quinn. quinn and afscme union representatives have not been able to come to terms on a new contract.
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the former four-year contract expired in june. both sides are still far apart on issues of salaries and benefits. the countdown is underway for an historic launch by nasa. coming up -- find out why the lift off in florida will have lots of eye watching tomorrow. plus - a popular vehicle made by honda is recalled for a possible fire hazard. and the reverend jesse jacksonillinois lottery... pick 3... 33 4 4
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pick 4... 8 4 6 1 lucy dayky day lotto... 31 3 33 6 29
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lotto... 22 32 46 44 51 14
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nasa plans a launch tomorrow ... the first of its kind. a privately owned space capsule, called "dragon" is set to take off from cape canaveral tomorrow night. it will deliver supplies to the inernational space station. it is an unmmanded aircraft... built by the commercial spaceflight company, "space x" out of california. the capsule will be reloaded with supplies and sent back to earth in three weeks. the company has a deal with nasa for at least 12 re-supply missions to the space station which also gets supplies from russia, europe and japan. the curiosity rover will get to try out its scoop this weekend. you're looking at an animation of how the spacecraft touched down on mars.
9:27 pm
the tests take several weeks.. to determine what mars is made of... it touched down on mars in august >> there's another honda recall to tell you about tonight. more than a quarter of a million cr-v crossovers made between 2002 to 2006 have a faulty electrical switch on the driver's side. and that could cause a fire. honda said rain or other liquids could get threw a driver's window causing the power switch on the door to overheat and melt. four fires have been started this way. chrylser is also having some
9:28 pm
trouble with some of its cars. the government is recalling nearly 45-thousand ram 1500 and dodge dakota pickup trucks. the model years are 2009 and 2010. the trucks have a nut that could loosen on the rear axle causing drivers to lose control of their vehicles. there have been 15 reports of rear axle failure and three minor injuries related to the issue. >> jim ramsey has up next what the foreup next with the forecast... >> ♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it
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we're guessing it will be a little cold for the marathon... >> i think upper 30's the low fortieslow 40s... >> cloudy day today downtown... it kept our temperatures cool once again... high temperature of 50 degrees. there was a breeze. look how deep there has
9:32 pm
penetratethe cold air has penetrated... tomorrow will be about the same ... overnight temperatures... below freezing. the area in the dark littleblue is a freeze warning ... the blue in indiana is a freeze watch. currently 44 degrees... temperatures will be
9:33 pm
dropping quickly... .dew point... winds from the west... gust forecast... on monday, winds pick up. cold air... watch what happens... cool air refuses to let go. winds... radar... 3.5
9:34 pm
inches of snow in michigan! 5.5 inches in nebraska! sunday... frost in the area... partly cloudy high temperature in the '50s. monday... 55-61 degree i
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high. >> fine dining... goes to new heights... up next... >> later... david blaine is back... >> the fighting irish play host to miami on the lakefront... break
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donald trump always wants his name associated with the best. that goes for his restaurant in the trump tower. tribune restaurant critic phil vettel says just like its price tag, "sixteen" rises above the others. this is a trump international hotel and tower... 16 is the restaurant on the 16th floor...
9:39 pm
dinner will cost at least $500... >> i look at it as being able to use the highest quality products that i can find... >> the recipes are very important... >> some examples... lak michiganrib eye...
9:40 pm
curried squash... pickled plums and turnips... desserts... chocolate... dry ice... i give it a 4 stars... >> not neighborhood dining...
9:41 pm
it's fantastic >> for more information... text phil... >> 71 candles were on the birthday cake for jesse jackson ... friends and supporters it turned out where one can always find him on a saturday morning...
9:42 pm
>> reverend jackson understood what dr. martin luther king told us all... >> his daughter read a letter from the president >> thanks to a computer chip a georgia family has finally reunited with it's siberian husky -- five years after they were separated. heather jackson and her brother drove 700 miles from chatsworth georgia to the mchenry county animal control. they didn't waste any time and got back on the road because there were kids at home waiting to see shakira. the dog was known as kathy to the staff at free spirit in harvard -- which received the dog august 11th from a georgia shelter. staffers realized the dog had a microchip and the owners were contacted. no word on how the georgia
9:43 pm
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(music) >> he's been buried alive, encased in a block of ice and now, illusionist david blaine is spending three days being --
9:47 pm
electrified. blaine's latest stunt is at pier 54 in new york city. wearing a mesh-like suit and helmet blaine is standing in the center of electric currents coming from so-called, tesla coils. people can follow him on you tube. and at international stations in five cities, audience members can control how much power those coils put out. >> we have temperatures tonight that will fall into the 20s... currently in the 40's in chicago. very cool night... freeze warning in the faceffect... 7 day forecast... miod 60s later
9:48 pm
in thd 60s later in the week... saturday looks messy... >> a well-heeled event in chicago tonight. a black tie affair is held to raise money for the swedish covenant hospital and their programs. it's the foundation's 57th annual gala. "a mile in her heals" celebrates women's health. a host of sponsors donated items to help out with the auction. our own micah materre donated her time tonight to em-cee the event at the chicago marriott. spirit of compassion awards were presented to reverend arthur a.r. nelson and jack rosenberg. >> big games in the big ten...
9:49 pm
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here with sports... >> depth is always a problem at northwestern, and with the cats' offense unable to get a first down early in the game, their defense was on the field almost constantly... in the end, i think penn state just wore 'em down and wore 'em out... coach fitz's team was 6-0 coming in, best start in half a century... fell behind early but rallied behind quarterback trevor simien-- squeezed it in there to tony jones, 14-10 cats at halftime... and still leading by four when this happened-- the punt to northwestern's most dangerous weapon, venrick mark-- and when he got the corner penn state was in big trouble-- venrick mark out-runs everybody, 75 yards, 28-17, the cats in control... but penn state was constantly converting on third and fourth downs to keep drives alive and
9:53 pm
finally, when matt mcgloin scored on the keeper with four and a half to go, the lions had the lead, 32-28... and they win it, 39-28.... northwestern's unbeaten season is out the window.... the irish hosting miami at soldier field... he had 3 drops like this... all notre dame ever since... 27-3 lead... waning moments... hits the corner... couldn 34-341-3 final >> illini coach tim beckman dropping a pinch between his cheek and gum-- he's gonna get some grief for that... but on the field at wisconsin
9:54 pm
things were looking good--- nathan scheelhouse doing what he does best, and illinois takes a 7-0 second quarter lead... but before long, the badgers got it under control-- illini secondary bit up on the play action, and joel stahvee found jared abbredaris behind everybody, 24 unanswered for the home team, and wisconsin hands it to illinois, 31-14... the bears are settled into their jacksonville hotel they get the late game at 3:05 tomorrow afternoon against the jaguars.... definitely a game they're expected to win, following up on that solid effort in dallas monday night... a bit of a breakout game for the offense, even though the bears d got most of the credit against the cowboys, as they should have... but jay cutler and brandon marshall were huge, hooked up seven times for 138 yards and a touchdown... the jags'll keep a close watch on marshall tomorrow, but that doesn't bother him or cutler.... i want the ball every single to plaplay... i'm wiser now...
9:55 pm
>> defensively they can cover the other guys... have a lot of belief in our guys... >> baseball's division series are under way... gave 1 up to first batter... only 2 more hits over 7 innings... in the 5th... 3-1 tigers lead... detroit wins game 1... >> you want to win the home ones... especially the first
9:56 pm
one... >> the reds and giants underway... back spasms... 2 run homer ... the fire in jersey today, a huge game against thierry henry and the red bulls... a scoreless game into the 65th minute, chris rolfe sent sherjill macdonald on his way and macdonald buried it--- he had two goals today, doubled his season total, and the fire win, 2-0... if columbus loses tomorrow, the fire clinch a playoff spot.... terry francona headed back to the dugout, he'll be the indians new manager... other college football-- northern beat ball state 35- 23... siu handed illinois state its first defeat, 17-0... and finally-- kansas at kansas state the wheatfield rivalry... and the first tackle of the game-- goes
9:57 pm
to the k-state mascot-- he tore the head right off jayhawk man... i'm gonna say that was a set up, and the kansas guy know it was coming-- but i don't care, that hurts warning or no warning..... thman! that hurts! >> thank you watchingfor watching... end
9:58 pm
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